Moonlight Dirge is a tale of unusual love in the midst of an ages-long war between the realms of Heaven and Hell.
The first part of the story is in the form of an illustrated novel.
Work is currently in progress and release date is to be announced. You can follow updates on the links in the upper-right corner.
Artist credits:
banner by Monica Delgado, character profiles by Gabriel Saoghal.
{Content Warning: For mature 18+ audiences only. Contains gratuitous sex and violence as well as sensitive topics which may be upsetting or triggering to some.}
Tsukino is the leader of the army of Heaven's third layer. He looks unassuming, but he is extremely resilient and headstrong. His unmatched speed and considerable magical ability has allowed him to triumph against every opponent he has ever faced. He prefers to wear simple clothing that is lightweight and resembles that of the humans on Earth that he is fond of. Tsukino is usually quiet and spends his free moments pensively staring at the moon or other beautiful elements of nature. As an angel, he lacks self-awareness and primarily is focused on service to his God.
Seiza is the general of Hell's seventh layer army. Though among the weaker demons in Hell, he is quite nimble and intelligent, making him a formidable challenge for a majority of Heaven's soldiers in battle. His exceptionally large wings are useful as a shield and he often ensnares opponents in his weapon or tail. He quickly develops strong feelings for Tsukino after meeting him in battle and decides to act upon them. Although he seems simple and impulsive, there are more layers to him than first meet the eye.
Aerine is the God who rules the third layer of Heaven. He is cold, intense, power-hungry and determined more than any of the other Gods to bring the salvation of Earth and completely eradicate Hell. He would rather do so with no hesitation or negotiation and looks down upon the other Gods as weak, believing that he will eventually reign supreme above them all. When fighting a battle himself, he will do so ruthlessly with powerful elemental magic. Tsukino is a very valuable weapon to him.
Darkryn is the Devil who rules Hell's seventh layer. He is the largest of the seven Devils, but is considered the weakest as well as the youngest. Although he has a frightening appearance, bone-snapping strength, and wields impressive magic, he is usually very calm and reclusive. He does not talk much about his past or feelings, but he cares very much about protecting the demons of his kingdom. He enjoys studying history.